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Örjan Martinsson

Before the Carolean uniform was introduced in the 1690s, the Swedish army neckcloths were usually black. But Charles XI did not appreciate that colour so several regiments would instead receive striped/motley neckcloths during that decade, even though it is not always clear which regiments received them and what colours these had. White neckcloths were also issued and the infantry regulation written in 1697-98 stipulated that the neckcloth was to be white. However, in a draft to a new uniform regulation (likely from 1700) the neckcloth was instead supposed to be black and this would also be the dominant colour during the Great Northern War. But it was common during the Great Northern War to have several neckcloths of different colours and in these cases the other colour was usually white.

Until 1697 the neckcloth was tied in the front with a ribbon so it formed a cravat (see pictures of these further down on the page). But after that year the neckcloth was tied in the back without a ribbon just like in the painting of Charles XII above.

= Black
= White
= Blue
= Red
= Black or red neckcloth
= Blue and black neckcloths
= Black and white neckcloths
= Two black and one white neckcloth
= Two white and one black neckcloth
= Blue and white neckcloths
= Two white and one blue neckcloth
= Blue-white-striped
= Striped, motley (colours not specified)



1701 1703 1705 1707 1709 1711 1713 1715 1717 1719 1721
 Livgardet (the Guard)                                          







 Åbo län                                          


Nothing is known about neckcloths for Savolax Regiment

 Östgöta-Sörmland 3-männ.                                            
 Småland 3-männing                                        
 Västgöta 3-männing                                            
 Närke-Värmland 3-männ.                                          
 Hälsinge 3- & 5-männing                                            
 Harrien Land Regiment                                            
 Småland 5-männing                                          
 Västra Skånska                                            
 Malmö Garrison Regiment                                          
 Narva Garrison Regiment                                            
 Reval Staff Major's Battalion                                            
 Elbing Garrison Regiment                                            
 The Grenadier Battalion                                            


1700 1702 1704 1706 1708 1710 1712 1714 1716 1718 1720



1701 1703 1705 1707 1709 1711 1713 1715 1717 1719 1721
 Livregementet till häst                                            
 Södra Skånska                                        
 Norra Skånska                                            
 Bohuslän Dragoons                                            
 Karelska (Viborg)                                            
 Karelska Dragoons                                            
 Swedish Adelsfana                                            
 Uppland Stånd Dragoons                                        
 Skånska Stånd Dragoons                                          
 Uppland 3-männing                                        
 Skånska 3-männing                                            
 Västgöta 3-männing                                          
 Uppland 5-männing                                      
 Estonian Cavalry Reg.

 Liv-dragoon Regiment                                        
 Bremen Dragoons                                            
 von Schwerin's                                            
 Tyska (German)                                            
  1700 1702 1704 1706 1708 1710 1712 1714 1716 1718 1720
Illustration from 1696 depicting Nyland drummers with white neckcloths with red ribbons. It does not match the uniform issued this year and ought to be the old uniform from 1688. Göte Göransson's interpretation of the Dal-regiment neckcloth according to a decision in 1689, but the Estonian Cavalry Regiment also had neckcloths like that in 1697. Västerbotten neckcloth from 1694 interpreted by Göte Göransson.

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