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  Volume 5 - 1770-1886

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Örjan Martinsson

Model Drawings - Volume 5

M/1766 would remain in use until 1819 when colours with the provincial coat of arms were replaced with identical colours featuring the Swedish national flag. But even before that there had been experiments testing new designs and in 1849 the provincial coat of arms returned as symbols on the regimental colours.

241 Gothenburg (Gyllengranat's)
Garrison Regiment
Company colour
242 Prince Friedrich Adolph's Regiment
Company colour
243 Livgardet (the Guard)
Company colour
244 The King's own Enlisted Regiment
Company colour
Image Missing Image Missing
245 Småland Cavalry Regiment
Detail of the coat of arms
246 Gustav III's royal cypher 247 Drottningens livregemente 248 Drottningens livregemente 1780

249 Drottningens livregemente

250 The hart shield of the Swedish coat of arms 1799 251 Västgöta-Dal Infantry Regiment 1803
Company colour
252 Adlercreutz' Regiment 1805
253 Bohuslän Infantry Regiment 1806
Company colour
254 Fleetwood's Regiment
Company colour
255 Af Palén's Regiment
Company colour
256 Skånska roteringsregementena
Company colour
257 Västgöta Infantry Regiment
Company colour
258 Swedish coat of arms 1816 259 Colonel's colour for provincial infantry regiments 1819 260 Battalion colour for provincial infantry regiments 1819
Image Missing Image Missing
261 Västgöta Infantry Regiment
Battalion colour
262 Karl XIV Johan's Royal cypher in a shield 263 Command signs for the Navy 1844 264 Oscar I's royal cypher
265 Oscar I's royal cypher
266 Småland Grenadier Battalion 1849
Battalion colour
267 Södermanland Infantry Regiment 1849
Battalion colour
268 Värmland
Infantry Regiment1849
Battalion colour
Image Missing
269 Kronoberg Infantry Regiment 1886
Battalion colour
270 Västerbotten
Infantry Regiment
Battalion colour

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