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Örjan Martinsson

Central Europe

= Tyrol
= Salzburg
= Carinthia
= Austria
= Styria
= Carniola
= Bohemia
= Moravia
= Hungary
= Croatia
= Transylvania
= Other parts of the Austrian monarchy

The region of Central Europe is here defined as those territories that until 1918 was part of the house of Habsburg's domains. This German dynasty came into possessions of Austria and Styria in the late thirteenth century as well as becoming one of Germany's royal dynasties. They managed to acquire so many territories during the following centuries that they became masters of "an empire where the sun never sets". Their core region was however the lands along the Danube listed above. This "Danube monarchy" was a very heterogeneous empire, which comprised a large number of ethnic minorities wanting independence from the German dominated Austria (which from 1867 became the German- and Hungarian dominated Austria-Hungary). The First World War saw the end of this multiethnic monarchy, which in the following peace treaties was carved up into several smaller nation states.