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Denmark is a united kingdom ruled by Godfred about AD 800. After king Godfred's death the kingdom suffers from civil wars between his heirs. Denmark will be reunited temporarily during the 9th Century. Harold Bluetooth who started as a German vassal reunites Denmark. He also conquers southern Norway and Slavic areas in northern Germany.
England is 1013-1042 with short interruptions ruled by the kings of Denmark. 1028 Canute the great also conquers Norway and a part of Sweden. Canute the Great dies and his empire is divided between his sons and enemies. Between 1169-1219 Denmark conquers large parts of the Baltic Sea coast.
The battle at Bornhöved results in the collapse of Denmark's Baltic sea empire. Due to expensive wars almost the entire kingdom have been pawned to German counts. The Danish state cease to exist and no king is elected between 1332-40. Valdemar Atterdag restore the Danish state 1340 and thru successful wars against Sweden conquers the eastern half of the kingdom and the island of Gotland 1360-66.

The powerful regent Margaret unites Norway and Sweden with Denmark 1380-89. The union is named the Kalmar Union and will last to 1521 with interruptions 1448-57, 1464-97 and 1501-20.

In 1460 Schleswig-Holstein is united with Denmark. The Orkney- and Shetland islands are pawned to Scotland 1468-69. The last remnants of the Scandinavian colony in Greenland perish of unknown reasons about 1500.
The Kalmar Union is dissolved for the last and final time when the Swedes led by Gustav Vasa rise in rebellion. The Torstensson war 1643-45 ends with considerable territorial losses to Sweden. Denmark's involvement in the northern war 1657-60 results in additional disastrous losses to Sweden.

A new colonisation of Greenland starts this year.

Denmark is forced to cede Norway to Sweden. The duchies of Schleswig and Holstein are lost to Prussia and Austria after a short war. Northern Schleswig is returned to Denmark after a plebiscite.

Iceland gain independence from Denmark.

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