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During the 12th Century Jämtland is lost to Norway and the western part of Finland is conquered. A combination of crusades and colonisation move the Swedish border east during the 13th Century. Magnus Eriksson becomes 1319 king over both Sweden and Norway. Skåneland is purchased 1332 and the colonisation in the north continues.
The Union with Norway is dissolved 1355. Denmark conquers Skåneland and Gotland 1360-1366. Queen Margaret of Denmark and Norway conquers Sweden from Albrekt of Mecklenburg. Scandinavia is thereafter united in the Kalmar Union will last until 1520. The Kalmar Union is dissolved for the last and final time by a Swedish rebellion led by Gustav Vasa.
Estonia accepts Swedish sovereignty in return for protection from Russian raids. The Finnish border is moved east and Sweden's possession of Estonia is recognised by Russia in the peace of Teusina. Gustav II Adolf conquers Ingria and Kexholm county 1617 and Livonia 1629.
The Thirty Year's War 1618-48 and a war against Denmark 1643-45 results in considerable territorial gains for Sweden. The Northern War 1655-1660 results in the conquest of Scania, Blekinge and Bohuslän. The Great Northern War ends Sweden's age of greatness.
A failed attempt to take back lost territory leads the to the loss of a part of Sweden. The disputed northern border with Denmark-Norway is settled in a treaty 1751. Sweden is drawn in to the Napoleonic wars and loses Finland to Russia. Denmark is 1814 forced to exchange Norway for Vorpommern. The union with Norway is dissolved.

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